648 N. Jackson – Built in 1849






This Greek Revival home was built in 1849 by Levi Richmond, Mr. Richmond was astockholder in the Clinton Woolen Mill. In 1887 his son William Richmond would inherit theestate. He was a stockholder and one of the founders of the Smith Richmond Bank whicheventually would become State Savings Bank and is now a Comerica Bank. Eric Halladay,nephew of W.R. Richmond, acquired the home in 1938 and in 1949 the home received aMichigan Centennial Historical Plaque for remaining in the same family for 100 years. Normanand Shirley Campbell purchased the home in 1998 and are the present owners.


307 W. Franklin – built in 1862

This vernacular home was built in 1862 by Daniel Gibson and was sold within a year to Ann Mills in 1863. Louise Bigelow would buy the house in 1866 owning it for around 51 years selling it to Melissa Rolland in 1915. Melissa died leaving it to her son Writ C Rolland, who was born in the home. Writ was a renowned architect instrumental in the design of the Penobscot and Guardian buildings and more in the city of Detroit. He also designed the chapel at Riverside Cemetery here in Clinton. After Wirt’s death in 1946, the property went to four cousins. In 1949 Edward and Marllyn Wight bought the home and made additions to the home in 1957 as well as 1986. Dr..Wight was a local dentist and passed away in 2011 his wife Marllyn remains the present owner.


144 W. Michigan – built in 1914





The commercial building was built in 1914 by G. H. Lancaster. The building was built to house 2 separate businesses each having their own entrances. The business would serve as Parkers Clothing, Palmers Men’s Furnishing, Mendes Jewelry, and as a law office. In 1931 the U.S. Post Office moved in and used the building until the new post office was built in 1946. Lois Lancaster daughter of G.H. Lancaster established an insurance agency on the left side while the right side of the building was rented out to the many different businesses. When G.H. died he left the building to his wife Bertha. In 1961 when Bertha died her children would inherit the building. In 1992 J.D. Lancaster joined his father G.E. Lancaster in the insurance business and they remodeled the building making it into one office and giving it a more historical décor. J. D. continues Lancaster Agency Inc. in this building in 2016.



13595 Clinton Road – built in 1845






George Lazelle bought 120 acres in 1833 from the US Government and in 1836 sold it to Thomas Lazelle, who in 1845 sold the property to Roswell Belding. Soon after Belding bought the land, the home was built. In 1871 James Halladay acquired the home and land. It remained in the Halladay family until 1906, when Welsie Reed bought it, and then sold the land and home to John McComb, the father of Alta (McComb) Allen. In 1964 Richard and Adel Wegner bought the home and 89 acres from Frank and Alta Allen. Rented for many years, the home was in ill repair upon its purchase. The Wegner’s gutted the entire home inside and out, adding second floor stories to the existing wings on each side of the home. The Greek Revival Style front porch with its columns was original. Mr. Wegner, in 1975, bought a carriage house from Gilbert Hill, a local Clinton merchant, and moved it to the property where it was remodeled and added to the back of the home.