610 N. Jackson – Built 1929
Nominating owners Kristal and Richard Brown have shown through their research that their beautiful Arts and Crafts style home to have been built in 1929. It is ironic to think that this home is our youngster of the group. Kristal and Richard even have a newspaper article from 1939 featuring their home. This home not only boasts many of its exterior original features, but also the interior, including floors, trim, lights, and registers. Many people will remember this place as the Gasner house, longtime residents of Clinton who lived in the home for over 55 years.


206 Coman St. – Built 1894
Our all of our homes, researching this one proved to be the most challenging.  Not only had the property been divided several times, sometimes between the same two families, but there were also earlier homes on the land.  Nominating owners, Dave and Mary Hunt, have found many items on their property including old square head nails, red bricks and old bottles.  They even had descendants of the family who originally built the home, the Bailey’s, visit them here in Clinton and tell them stories of when they had lived there.  


205 E. Michigan Ave. – Built 1893
Many people would be familiar with this gorgeous Victorian since it is on the main road into Clinton. Interestingly, the nominating owners, Geri & Gary Randall, have obituaries telling of a tradition from long ago, when funerals where held in the homes of the deceased.  Both of the original owners’ funerals were held at the home on Michigan Ave.  Many of the former residents are buried in Riverside Cemetery as well.


212 Brown St., Built 1898
The late Nellie Jordan was the nominating owner for her home at 212 Brown St.  Nellie has kept fantastic records which not only helped to pinpoint the age of her home, but she provided key clues, on the phone long-distance no less, to help us to determine the age of her sister, also her neighbor, home as well.  Although these two homes have a large difference in age, they were affectionately dubbed “our twins” because of the tie betweens two Clinton sisters and the ties from over one hundred years ago when they were part of the same property.


210 Brown St. – Built ca. 1855
This home is the oldest home receiving recognition for this particular award year and was once lived in by the first postal carrier in Clinton, Herbert Boyd.  Nominating owner Norleen Hicks not only took on the challenge of researching her and her husband Bud’s home, but also pursuing information for her sister. By making several phone calls to her sister Nellie in Texas and pouring through dusty old tax records, we were able to determine the age of not one, but two great homes in Clinton.