642 Jackson St.- Built in 1869

 Amos Hixon bought the land in 1825 from the U.S. Government. Mr. Hixon was the earliest settler.  The man that built the house was Norman Weaver, and soon after the completion of the house, Nelson Miller moved in with his mother, Lucinda Bodine.  The northeast corner stone lists the builder's name as Norman Weaver, built in 1869.  This house is in the Italianate style and one feature is the arched window hoods.  These window hoods, which began in England, became common everywhere.  At the time the house was built, Nelson Miller owned the land on both sides of the street.  This house has had many owners.  In 1968 Norman and Shirley Campbell bought the home.  Shirley told us that when they heard the house had gone on the market, she called Rena Fitzpatrick's office and was told Rena would not be home until after 6 pm.  So Shirley went over to Rena's home and sat on the door stoop until 8 pm, when Rena returned.  When she told Rena that they wanted to buy the house, Rena said that there were many people interested in the house, but if she gave her a $500 down payment, it would be theirs.  Shirley wrote a check for the $500 and that was that.  The house was theirs until 1998; the longest owners.  Charley and Deb Mifsud, the current owners, bought the house in November of 2013.


134 W. Michigan- Built in 1872 

This brick fireproof building was built in 1872 by Alonzo Clark.  In 1873, it became a bank organized by Mr. Clark as The Exchange Bank.  In 1885, it became the VanTuyle & Silvers Bank, a private bank.  In 1886, a 15 ton safe was instlled at a cost of $1,000.  It is still in this bulding.  In 1903 a disastrous fire swept the North side of Main Street.. Percy VanTuyle, who was working at the bank, recalled closing the metal shutters on the fireproof building and everyone forming a bucket brigatdde from the water trough in the center of town to fight the fire.  Five buldings were destroyed up to the bank.  In 1922, VanTuyle & Silvers Bank became a part of State Savings Bank of Clinton.  In 1947, the building became Clinton Radio and Telvision and then Elton's Radio and TV in 1953.  It was purchased by Duane Hoeft in 1955.  In 1977, the building was occupied by Carousel Beauty Salon.  In 1982, the building was extensively renovated and in 1983, the Clinton Aquarium and Pet Stre occupied the building.   Spectral Glass was there from 1994-2008.  The building is now used as a wood carving school/antique gallery by owner Floyd Hadigan.


108 W. Franklin- Built in 1915

This home is owned by Molly armstrong, who purchased it in 1983 with her late husband Robin Armstrong.  This home is in the Folk Style with a gable in front and a wing on the side.  Rumor has it that the home came in to tow on a the railroad, down the street, and was bult on this lot in 1915.  Hugh P. and Katherine Hoyt owned the home in 1915.  Mr. Hoyt was the head miller for Hayden's Milling Co. in Tecumseh, but moved to Clinton after purchasing the Atlas Milling Co.  The mill had had many owners, but had never been very successful, until Mr. Hoyt turned it around.  A customer once asked Mr. Hoyt what hs initials H.P. stood for and he said: "Horse Power"; the customer remarked that it wa smore like: "Honest and Progressive."  Mr. Hoyt was known as a very civic minded citizen, as is the curret owner Molly Armstrong.


215 Brown St.-Built in 1920

This Bungalow Style home was built in 1920 by Addison & Elizabeth St. Johns. Addison's father was an early undertaker in Clinton (1859-1880.)  Darius St. John & his sonAddison wre associated in teh furniture and undertaking busness together untl it was sold.  At the time, most of the furiture was handcrafted, so it made sese that the would also build coffins.  Their store was located were Comerica Bank is today, on the se corner of Michigan Ave. and Division St.  The location was known as St. John's corner.  In 1946, the home was sold to Arthur Prong and they owned it until 1954, when Florence Bauer-Randall bought it as income property.  As it happened, one of Arthur Prong's sons rented te home for may years.  The current owners Tim & Stacey Waters bougt the home in 1986.