On Tuesday MAY 24, 2022, Sharon Scott will present a power point program on Clinton’s only Major League Ball player, Albert Laverne (Bunny) Fabrique, at 7 pm at the Clinton Township Public Library.  Bunny played major league ball for one season 1916-1917 for the Brooklyn Robins who became the Brooklyn Dodgers.  He was born in Clinton on December 23, 1887 and played ball for Tecumseh (1907), and then for Coldwater, Jackson and Fort Wayne.  He played as an infielder and the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette said that he starred as an infielder because of the confidence he had in his whip.  In 1913 at Fort Wayne, he was batting .285 and placed in the top ten in runs scored and stolen bases.  In August of 1913 the Detroit Tigers signed him, but Fabrique didn’t see time in their uniform.  They sent him to Providence, RI.  He played in Providence on a team with Babe Ruth. From Providence he went to play for the Brooklyn Robins for the 1916-17 season, after which he enlisted in the Navy Reserve. When his naval career was over he played ball for minor leagues on the West Coast and Pittsburgh, retiring from baseball in 1926. Then he lived in Providence with his wife, Lois Manning, and owned a gas and service station.  They had no children.  He moved back to Clinton around 1940, after his wife’s death, and worked for Ford Motor Co. and Clinton Machine Co.  He passed away at a Veteran’s Home in Ann Arbor on January 10, 1960.

This presentation will include photographs furnished by his relatives, Jane Richard-Lerma & Sonnie Wild Carnahan.  Also, we encourage guests to bring old baseball memorabilia to share.  Please identify  your items for display and include your name.  Guests are always welcome at our programs.


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