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e-newsletter V.1#1 April 2011

e-newsletter V.1#1
April 2011
Historical Society of Clinton, Michigan
P.O. Box 647, Clinton, MI 49236
Calendar of Events
The public is always welcome!

April 26- 7 p.m. Annual Meeting at Clinton Township Public Library
    Dues of $8 single or $12 due at meeting or send to P.O. Box 647
           7:30 p.m. World War I- Polar Bears
part of the Video “Voices of a Never Ending Dawn : The heroic story of our American WWI Polar Bear force in arctic Russia” & Display, hosted by Robert Way, who’s father,
Raymond Way was a Polar Bear.
May 24- 7 p.m. at Clinton Township Public Library
            “Dear Barney, Love Ileen” by Tom Crowley
In March, 1892 in the small town of Clinton in southern Michigan, a group of young adults were rehearsing a play “Shamrock and Rose” to be presented at the Town Hall on St. Patrick’s Day. Two of the performers had just met, Charlie Marr and Teresa Sullivan. He played the character named Barney O’Brady, “An Irish Bouchal”; she portrayed Ileen O’Rourke, “Barney’s Shamrock.”
The meeting of these children of Irish immigrants resulted in a love story is presented here via some of the letters they wrote to each other over a ten year period, 1893-1902. These letters also are a portrayal of late 19th century life in small-town America.  
June 18- Take down Rowland Exhibit for Lenawee Museum Exhibit-Volunteers needed!
June 28- 6 p.m.       Picnic at Tate Park
July-August        Wirt C. Rowland Exhibit at Lenawee Historical Museum
July- 16 or 30    Possible trip to Monroe Historical Museum & River Raisin National Battlefield Park-let Sharon know if you’re interested
August 12-13    US 12 Garage Sale – Start saving  Place to be decided.
Volunteers for Archives
Needed are volunteers for scanning negatives and prints & also for converting video and audio tapes. We have the equipment. Call Sharon Scott to volunteer:  517-456-7198.
Large Doll House For Sale – Sealed Bids by May 20.
The Historical Society acquired a large doll house that looks like the Van Tuyle Home on Clinton Tecumseh Rd.  We are offering it for Sale with a sealed bid of
$100 or more.  Send bids to our P.O. Box 647 by May 20.  They will be opened
at our May 24 meeting.  You must be a member to bid.  Dues $8 & $12.  Make
an appointment with Sharon Scott to see it, 517-456-7198. Photo attached.

Doll House & Table with Sealed Bid of $100 or more.
Highest bidder gets the item.  Funds go to Historical Society.
Bids due to: HSC,  P.O. Box 647 Clinton, MI 49236
by May 20.