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e-Newsletter 8-19-2013

e-newsletter V.3 #3
Historical Society of Clinton, Michigan
P.O. Box 647, Clinton, MI 49236
August 19, 2013
Sept 27 & 28- Sale and Exhibit at Smith-Kimball during Fall Fest. 10-5. If you can volunteer to man our sales table & exhibit a couple of hours, please call Sharon at 456-7198.
Oct. 22- Tuesday at 7 p.m. Clinton Township Public Library - Program on "Journey Stories/how your family came to Clinton" hosted by Kathlyn Snow. If you would like to take part in the program by telling how your family got to Clinton in a five minute presentation, contact Kathy at 734-660-4174 or e-mail her at Several board members are getting ready to present, but we need more participation. This is our contribution to: Journey Stories, a national Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition discussing the critical roles travel and movement have played in our American society, will begin its Michigan tour on June 1 in Alpena and will be in Dundee, MI in Oct.-Nov.
Nov. 26- Tuesday at, Clinton Township Public Library- Steven C. Stanford of Howell,
will present an hour long talk, which includes photographs, on: Henry and Friends, You Are Known by the Company You Keep: By looking at Henry Ford’s relationship with others we come to better understand the man behind the Model T. This lecture looks how Thomas Edison and a number of key Ford Motor Company employees and friends including Evangeline Dahlenger, and Harry Bennett impacted Mr. Ford’s life. Some local people will also be included in the friends.
Dec. 7- 6-9 – Holiday House Tour starting at the Smith Kimbal Community Center. More info to follow. If you would like your house on the tour contact Norleen Hicks at 517-442-8385.
NEWS: Thanks for Everyones help with Garage Sale we made $371.13.
The Model of Clinton Union School (1859-1905) has been returned from the Lenawee County Historical Museum and is now on the second floor of the Smith-Kimball, awaiting some repair before being on display. This model was built by Carl Woodward, Benson VanDeMark & Jon Bowles in 1981 and has been in Adrian for 32 years, on loan. If you would like to help with repairs and reassembly on Sept. 6, call Sharon Scott at 517-456-7198.
Irish Hills Historical Society Donation for Saving the Irish Hills Towers: With the help of many people in the Clinton Community and elsewhere the Historical Society of Clinton was able to donate $835 dollars towards this project. The tops of the towers have been removed and a temporary roof applied. Next comes windows, filling holes and regirding. The Irish Hills Historical Society must have a date and action plan for the Township board by Oct. 1.
CLINTON MUGS & T-SHIRTS FOR SALE- We have Clinton Mugs for Sale for $5. They are available at the Clinton Inn & Floral Fantasy. T-Shirts with an old and new photo of Downtown Clinton are for sale at The Clinton Woolen Mill II and Floyd’s Wood Carving & Antique Store. They are priced from $10-$17. Please thank these merchants for helping the Society.
ARCHIVES: We’ve had a recent donation of 15 bottles, or their counterparts, found by urban archaelogists on the Thomas and Grinnel property on Jackson St., & Wight property on Franklin. They are digging in old privies in the Clinton area and are sharing with owners & us.