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Building Marker Program

Building Marker Program

Program Description

a.    Provide a great learning experience for building owners
b.    Identify and create record of older buildings in the Clinton area for future generations
c.    Discover historical accounts of Clinton previously unknown
d.    Expand the appreciation for old architecture
e.    Present owners of old structures with designation for maintaining the building’s integrity

Main Qualifications

  1. Building documented to be 70 years or older
  2. Windows are in similar size and shape and not radically changed
  3. Majority of decorative features remain on house
  4. Aluminum or vinyl sided buildings have similar size siding as original clapboard (Note:  Exception made for buildings with asbestos siding
  5. Building is well-maintained and not in disrepair
  6. Additions are ok if clearly distinguishable from original structure and character of original structure is still visible

Research Suggestions

Most Clinton area buildings can be verified using the following sources.

  1. Historical Society of Clinton archives and local archivist/historian Sharon Scott (located in Clinton Library; hours are Friday 3-6 and by appointment)
  2. Lenawee County Courthouse, Registrar of Deeds
  3. Building abstract, if available
  4. Local publications

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be considered for a marker?

Any building 70 years or older which meets building marker program’s criteria.


What is considered in determining the integrity of the building and approval of the application?

See following page with excerpt from the Secretary of Interior’s Standards.  Standards 1, 2, 3, and 9 are mandatory.  One exception will be provided for Standard 5 provided the change is not overly drastic. Alterations 70 years or older will also be eligible for consideration.

What will the markers look like and what will the cost be to the owners?  

It is a rectangular marker, made of heavy-duty plastic material, 12” x 8” in dimension made by Day-Old Trophies, a Clinton business.  Words are etched into the plastic, so they will not fade. Marker is a gold color with black lettering. Brass hardware will be provided to mount the sign to the building. There will be a one to two week turnaround for approved signs to be made. Day-Old Trophies estimates a 20-30 year life expectancy depending on the care and treatment of the sign. The homeowner would attach their marker when approved. The cost when a building is approved is $30.00 which pays for the sign, photos, and printed materials.

What will be the procedure for getting a marker for your building and a response from the committee?

The Clinton area building or home owner would need to fill out an application and provide copies of documentation.  Example of documentation could include a deed, mention in a historic book, tax records, and /or map showing existing structure (e.g. Sanbourne Fire Insurance maps.)  The Historical Society Marker Program Subcommittee will review the application, view the building, and verify the information provided. Once approved, the marker will be ordered from Day-Old Trophies and presented at an award ceremony in the fall.

Where can I receive a marker application?

 Applications are available by contacting the Historical Society of Clinton or by requesting one at the desk of the Clinton Library.